Second Saturday Reception:
Saturday, August 9, 2014 6-9 pm

Third Thursday Reception:
Thursday, August 21, 2014 5-8 pm

Root Division presents Magical Thinking, a group exhibition that explores a type of causal reasoning that looks for meaningful relationships between desires, acts, and events outside of our control and how they affect events in our lives. How does a chicken bone become a wishbone? Why do less than 5% of New York City high-rises have a 13th floor?

Artist-curators, Erin Colleen Johnson and Kari Marboe have been investigating modes of magical thinking within their collaborative and individual practices and have asked eight fellow artists to join them in considering this theme using a variety of strategies and materials. Viewers are invited to dip into magical thinking from different angles through works ranging from sculptural installations, to video projections, to participation in past customs redesigned for today’s needs.

This exhibition will be Root Division's first public event at its “pop-up” location on Market Street. Root Division relocated in July 2014 from its 10 year home on 17th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District after losing their lease due to rising rental rates. Root Division is excited to partner with neighborhood organizations in their new location, including participation in the "Third Thursday in Yerba Buena" artwalk event.

Carrie Hott
Marisa Jahn
Erin Colleen Johnson
Vishal Jugdeo
Sahar Khoury
Nathan Lynch
Kari Marboe
Stacy Martin
Susan O'Malley
Ying Zhu

Magical Thinking at Root Division
Erin Colleen Johnson

Magical Thinking
Curated by Kari Marboe and Erin Colleen Johnson
Magical Thinking
Curated by Kari Marboe and Erin Colleen Johnson