Kari Marboe

Duplicating Daniel
Mills College Art Museum
January 22 - March 15

Kari Marboe
7pm, Wednesday, February 26th

Expanded Ceramics
with Nathan Lynch, Nicole Seisler, and Michael Swaine
3pm, Saturday, March 7th

Pursuing a web of living and archival leads, Duplicating Daniel attempts to recreate the lost sculpture from a vintage photocopy, an accession number, artist interviews, and research. The exhibition plays with the history of ceramics, the act of translation, and the imbedded failure of trying to make, or be, an exact copy of something else.

The first iteration of this work was developed in collaboration with A-B Projects, Los Angeles, 2018. Nicole Seisler, curator/director, started the space as a site for expanded ceramics, and was instrumental in encouraging this project and providing the title for the exhibition.