In conjunction with Kari Marboe's video Henry House, part of BLOCK Gallery's 9th Street Installations, Marboe performed Comrade Wall Storage with employees of Comrade Web Design. Marboe's video Henry House played with the potential of the Old Oakland apartment's past tenants' memories sticking to walls and being stored between layers of paint. Comrade Wall Storage asked Comrade Web Design employees, who currently work out of a space in Henry House, to create a new layer of memories by whispering their thoughts and experiences into the conference room walls.

Photo credit:
Lacey Haslam, BLOCK Gallery
(Kari Marboe pictured whispering on far left)

Comrade Wall Storage
Comrade Web Design presently in Henry House
Kari Marboe
December 2014

Henry House, Kari Marboe
Resource: 9th St. New Media Art Installations
BLOCK Gallery
November - December 2014

Comrade Wall Storage
Comrade, Oakland
Comrade Wall Storage
Comrade, Oakland