Ashtray 3
Ashtray 3
glazed ceramic

Kari Marboe & Sequoia Miller
Greenwich House Pottery, New York, NY
@greenwichhousepottery @karimarboe
Opening Reception | Friday, September 17, 2021 | 5:00 p.m. EST
Exhibition on view August 27 through September 24, 2021

Minnie Negoro (1919-1998) was a potter and ceramics professor based in Connecticut. Recognized during her lifetime, she is virtually unknown today. This exhibition asks why this is so and what lessons we can learn from Negoro and her work.

Themes of absence, silence, and legacy structure this project. What does it mean for work to be lost? How can silence be a proactive position? How are teaching and learning ongoing processes? Kari Marboe and Sequoia Miller each present their research into Negoro, Marboe in the form of ceramics and Miller in the form of writing. Pottery by Negoro, as well as archival objects and ephemera related to her, stand alongside these contemporary responses.

While Negoro’s life and work await full consideration, this exhibition introduces her to new audiences and proposes questions that emerge from the complex, layered stories embedded within her pottery.